How To Control Weeds Around Your Entire Yard

There's nothing more beautiful than a perfectly manicured, luscious green yard with gorgeous flower beds and blooming flowers and greenery throughout it. Sounds beautiful, but then suddenly there's a handful of pesky weeds that multiply like crazy and, if not taken care of, can take over your entire yard ruining all that beauty. Get rid of the weeds and prevent them from returning by following the tips below. Weeds In The Lawn [Read More]

How To Tell If You Have Mice In Your Home

Suspecting you have mice is no fun. Whether it's because you're hearing sounds in the dark or because you think you've found some rodent droppings, you need to know if you have an infestation or not. By knowing what to look for, you'll be able to determine if you have the presence of mice in your home. Rodent Droppings Rodent droppings are very small and dark. Mouse droppings are the shape of very small grains of rice. [Read More]

Use Colorful Shell Pieces To Enhance A Wooden-Framed Mirror With A Mosaic Border

If you recently purchased towels and bath mats that have a seashell pattern printed on them and would like enhance a plain wooden-framed mirror in your bathroom to complement the items, use colorful shell pieces to create a mosaic border around the mirror by completing the steps below.  Materials wood cleaning agent non-abrasive sponge emery cloth tack cloth seashells bowl of warm water scrub brush plastic bag that seals hammer all purpose adhesive narrow paintbrush tube of premixed sand grout caulk gun foam brush clear sealant mixing stick standard paintbrush Clean And Lightly Sand The Frame, Prepare Shell Pieces [Read More]

Four Step Guide To Replacing A Broken Pane Of Glass In Your Home's Old Wooden Window

If you have a broken pane of glass in one of your home's windows, you may wonder how to go about removing it and replacing it with a fresh piece of glass. If so, use the following four-step guide to replacing a broken glass pane in one of your home's old wooden windows. Step 1: Remove the Broken Pieces of Glass The first thing you need to do before replacing the glass is to remove all of the remaining broken pieces. [Read More]