Common Sub Zero Refrigerator And Freezer Problems

Sub Zero refrigerators are on the front of the refrigerator and freezer market, but maintenance and emergency support is still necessary to keep your investment in top condition. Here are a few common system issues to help you understand what could be going on, and to have an idea of what a technician needs to check. Cooling System Failure Instead of using a single compressor system at different temperatures, Sub Zero systems use dual compressors. [Read More]

3 Considerations For Arranging Furniture In A Living Room With A Fireplace

For the past couple of decades, many homes have been designed with fireplaces as focal points of the living or family room. And while having a gas or wood-burning fireplace is certainly a blessing for any homeowner, figuring out how to arrange furniture in a living room with a fireplace can be a bit challenging. By keeping a few important considerations in mind as you decide on your furniture arrangement, you'll ultimately be able to make the best decisions. [Read More]

Thinking About Going Back To Work After Being A Stay-At-Home Parent? Tips For You

When you decided to settle down and have a family, it may have seemed like the only right choice was to stay at home to raise and spend time with your children. However, as the years have continued on and as your family has grown and evolved, you may find yourself in a position in which you want or need to go back to work. Whether you just want a part-time job to get out of the house and get back out in the world or you are looking for full-time work, there are steps that you will need to take to help your family adjust to this big change. [Read More]

A Guide To Granite Countertops

If your home is starting to look a bit dull and drab, one of the best things you can do is start making some changes. While the possibilities for changes are endless, you'll want to focus on some that will be the most impactful. In this regard, choosing to switch to granite countertops can be a sound decision for a lot of reasons. To learn a little bit more about these reasons and get all that you can from a purchase, read these tips below and contact a granite countertop provider that can look out for you: [Read More]