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Myths About Granite Accents For The Home

Naturally gorgeous with its veins and shade variations, granite has been considered a high-end home implement for a long time. Nevertheless, there are a lot of myths that exist about granite stone products. Here is a look at a few. 

Myth: Granite always has a smooth cut. 

Granite can have a lot of different cuts. One of the more popular styles these days is the rough-cut or natural-cut granite, which looks like it was naturally hewn from a larger rock. Of course, granite pieces with the textured surface can be a little harder to seal, but they can be sealed with professional help.

Myth: Granite is really only good for use on countertops. 

Granite stone products have multiple uses throughout the inside and outside of the house. If you want a stone apron for your sink, granite works well. If you want stone flooring, granite can be installed. You can even use granite implements outdoors, such as to create a walkway or to embellish a flower garden. 

Myth: Most granite is the same gray color. 

The trademark granite is a gorgeous gray color with streaks and markings of darker and lighter hues caused by the presence of other minerals. But gray is not the only color of granite stone products you can find. Colors are determined by the presence of minerals that can cast a totally different hue to the stone. For example, the presence of some types of potassium feldspar may give granite a pink tone. 

Myth: Granite does not work well in outdoor kitchens. 

Granite actually comes in at the top of the list for types of stone to use for outdoor kitchens. The rock is incredibly resilient to changes in temperature and stands up well to UV rays in direct sunlight. Of course, granite used outdoors is best with a heavier sealant on it, but it has the potential to work for use on countertops, floors, and other areas of your outdoor kitchen area.

Myth: Stone made of granite is never good in the bathroom.

Even though granite tends to make its way into the kitchen the most, this natural stone is just as ideal for the bathroom or other parts of the house. It is a common misconception that granite does not bode well in moist environments, but if the stone is sealed properly, it is rarely going to have any problems. 

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