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A Pest Control Company Can Discover What's Attracting Pests To Your Home And Property

When you call an exterminator for help with a pest problem, one of the things they might do is inspect your property to find out what's attracting the pests and why they're staying. While insecticides and rodent traps can kill off an infestation, it's much better to prevent pest problems when possible, and that's why regular pest control services are important. Here are some things around your property the exterminator may point out that make your pest problem worse.

A Messy Yard

When you're busy, you may not have time to keep up with mowing and decluttering your yard. If you let your yard get messy, you might create a welcoming habitat for pests. Weeds attract a variety of insects since they can seek shade in them. Yard waste and other clutter give rodents a place to hide.

Consider hiring someone to mow your lawn if you can't do it yourself because that could make a difference in controlling rodents, mosquitoes, and a variety of other bugs. By cutting back grass, more sun reaches your lawn, and the sun can drive away insects. Plus, rodents and other animal pests won't be able to hide very well.

Once your yard is trimmed and decluttered, the pest control company can spray pesticide outside and even spray for mosquitoes so you can enjoy your yard again.

Moisture Problems Indoors

Another thing that attracts pests is dampness. If your basement is always damp, you may want to install a dehumidifier to dry it out. You should also repair any leaks and drips you have and replace water-damaged building materials. Dampness attracts roaches and silverfish. Your pest control company can spray for the pests, but they might keep trying to come back if your home is a nice place for them to live in.

Entry Holes On Your House

One of the pest control services your exterminator may offer is closing entry holes made by rodents. They can also close holes in your siding and other areas where cracks and gaps let in insects and rodents. Pests can sense heat and food odors wafting from the holes, and they may be drawn to them. Spiders, mice, and other unwelcome pests will slip inside unless all the holes are sealed. This also includes repairing rips in screens and blocking the gaps underneath your doors.

Working with a pest control service is the best way to prevent and eliminate any kind of pest problem. Tackling pests yourself can waste time and be ineffective. Plus, DIY pest control treatments might be dangerous. A more effective way is to take an integrated approach to pest control and alter the habitat on your property and in your house so pests have a harder time multiplying and getting out of control. 

For more information, contact a pest control service company in your area.