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Adding New Tropical Fish To Your Aquarium

An aquarium can be an addition that will provide a room with aesthetic benefits while also allowing you to explore an interest in aquatic life. In particular saltwater tanks can be a popular choice due to the colorful tropical fish that these aquariums can support.

Test The Water Before Adding The Fish

Prior to adding new fish to your tank, the water should be thoroughly tested. In addition to measuring the concentration of salt, the acidity of the water should also be measured. A common mistake that people can make is failing to measure these factors of their aquarium before adding new fish to it. If the balance of the water is off, it can lead to significant health problems for the new fish that you are adding. In some cases, this can even result in the fish dying within hours of being added to the water. Fortunately, there are test strips that can allow you to accurately measure the quality of your tank's water in as little as a couple of minutes.

Provide Plants Or Other Decorations For The Fish

Plants and other decorations can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your tank, but it can also provide a practical benefit for the fish that you add to it. The addition of these features can provide your fish with a comfortable place to hide or seek shelter when they are feeling stressed. In some cases, the plants may even be able to provide important nutrients to the fish. As with any other additions that you make to your tank, you should thoroughly research whether it will be compatible with the needs of the fish that you are wanting to add to it.

Have A Second Aquarium For When The Primary Tank Needs Cleaning

To keep your fish healthy and your aquarium attractive, the water and the tank will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If it is not kept clean, it can be possible for large amounts of bacteria and algae to grow in the tank and for the water to gradually become more acidic. To have a safe place to put your fish during this work, you should invest in a second smaller tank. This can allow you to keep the fish safe and comfortable as you are working to clean the primary tank. It is important to be extremely mindful to keep the water in the secondary tank at the same temperature and acidity as the primary tank. This can drastically reduce the amount of physical stress that this causes to the fish.