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Installing A Wood Stove In Your Home For More Efficient Heating

Burning wood has been a traditional heating method in many different parts of the world for as long as people have been there. The ways that wood is used as a fuel has changed, and adding a wood stove to your home can add a pretty efficient heat source to help offset the heating system you already have. Visiting a wood stove sales business is a great place to start. 

Free-Standing Stoves

There are many different wood stoves that you may want to consider for your home or space. The wood stove's size and style are often determined by where the stove is going to be used and the amount of heat you need to produce from it. A free-standing wood stove that can produce forty thousand BTUs (British thermal units) may sound like it can heat a large space, but often, the ratings for these stoves are over a period of time, so it is a good idea to visit a wood stove sales store or showroom to discuss your heating needs with the salesperson there, 

The stove company can help you determine the amount of heat you need, and if you are using the stove in addition to a heating system, they can help you find a unit that will allow you to reduce the amount of oil or other fuel you use every year. Often offsetting a current heating system is essential to the homeowner because the cost of wood is cheaper than oil, and an efficient stove will use less wood throughout the winter. 

Fireplace Inserts

Another option that many homeowners consider is installing a wood-burning insert into an old fireplace. If the fireplace is still working, it might seem odd to block it with an insert, but the heat produced from the fireplace insert is much more efficient than an open fire.

If you are interested in a fireplace insert for your home, you can visit a wood stove sales company and talk to them about what they offer. In many cases, the inserts look and act like a smaller wood stove but use the chimney that is already in the home, so it may need to be smaller to fit in your specific location. Many of these inserts and stoves can be very efficient, so they do not use much wood to keep your home warm.

A good stove can be filled with wood before bed and will still be producing heat when you get up in the morning. If logs and splitting wood sounds like too much work, you might consider a stove that burns wood pellets, although they do not have the same efficiency and longevity as a good woodstove.

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