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Mice Control Tips For Winter Months

Mice are not a pest you want in your home no matter what season, but during the winter months, you especially do not want these pests in your home. They are going to attract other pests to your home, as well as other mice. Before long, you could have a mice infestation and an infestation of other pests such as roaches as well. To help you prevent mice during these months, read on for a few helpful tips.

Remove Yard Debris

The debris around your yard can be luring mice to your yard and, in winter, to your home. If you have a lot of debris such as woodpiles, overgrown grass, an overgrown garden, or other debris such as garbage, it should be cleaned up. This debris can be attracting other pests to your yard as well, and as soon as the cold weather hits, they are going to be looking for a home. Toss garbage, trim your yard, and remove debris that doesn't need to be there any longer. If you had a garden, clean it up for the winter months by trimming it.

Clean Out The Garage

Mice may at first come into your garage and then make their way into your home. If you have things such as grass seed, birdseed, fertilizers, or garbage cans in your garage, it's an attractant for mice and other pests. Clean out your garage and place the seeds and fertilizers into an air-tight container. Garbage cans should have a lid on them and be kept outside if at all possible. Never put garbage into bags and place them on the garage floor, or you'll have all types of pests in no time at all. Always use the garbage can to store your trash and keep the lid tightly in place.

Repair Leaks

A minor leak in your faucet may not seem like such a big deal, but it could be a source of water for pests such as mice, roaches and ants. Repair these minor leaks and prevent these pests from coming into your home to find water. Even minor leaks can be a problem, so make any necessary repairs. Pay attention to areas such as basements, crawl spaces, and underneath sinks where you can have leaks.

You don't want pests in your home any time of the year, but especially during winter when it can be more difficult to get rid of them. Hire a professional pest control service for help getting rid of mice if you suspect you have a problem.