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Improving Water Drainage On A Flat Roof

If you've never owned a structure with a flat roof, you might not be aware of the additional drainage system elements that need to be installed and maintained to prevent ponding on the roof. Here, you'll find out why ponding is bad and what you can do to improve the drainage on your flat roof.

Why is ponding bad?

To put it as basically as possible – ponding will cause structural damage. The damage sustained by ponding is caused by the weight and the moisture sitting on top of the surface. As it sits, the water will eventually seep down into the structural elements of the roofing. This will end in rot and eventually the failure of the roofing supports.

How do you improve drainage?

If you've noticed that there's some puddling occurring, you will have to take action to improve the drainage. This can be done by calling in a professional or trying a few things on your own first.

One thing to check for is that you have roof sump drains installed. These drains are what catch and carry the water that doesn't run off to the sides of the roof into the drainage system. You do need to check these drains every now and then to make sure that they are operating properly and that there's no debris stuck in them. If you don't have at least one of these drains on the roof and you've been experiencing puddling, contact your local professional to discuss having one installed.

Another way to minimize puddling on the roof is to minimize the amount of stuff that is kept on the roof. You don't want to have any obstacles on the roof if you can help it. So, only have the essentials on the roof – no roof-top storage of any kind.

One more thing to check is that the downspouts are all clear. The downspouts carry the water off of the roof into the drainage system. If you've noticed a lot of puddling near the sides of the roof, there could be a clog in the downspout. Try running water through the downspout – did the water drain freely? If not, there's a clog in there and you'll need to break it free.

Talk with your local roofing professionals from companies like Roof Drain Pans Company to discuss your needs further. They'll help you come up with a plan that will protect your flat roof and improve the water drainage.