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Tips To Open Up Your Kitchen Living Space With An Outdoor Deck And New Patio Doors

With summer on its way, you may want to add onto your backyard space and supplement your kitchen space with a backyard deck and new kitchen patio doors. Here are some tips and insight to help you plan, install, and realize your dream of adding an outdoor living space onto your existing kitchen and enlarge your backyard entertainment area.

Plan and Build an Outdoor Deck

First, you will need to decide on the size and specifications you want for your backyard deck. Think about its size and how many people you plan to be using your outdoor deck.

Next, there are many types of materials you can choose from in which to build your deck. You can have your deck built of pressure treated lumber, which gives you the natural and beautiful look of wood with an inexpensive price, but you need to take care of it regularly. Make sure you clean and protect your wood deck, otherwise the wood can become warped, split, and crack.

To help boost the length of your deck's life, you can invest in a cedar or redwood for the materials. Both these materials are more expensive but resistant to warping and cracking that is common in pressure treated wood with an added benefit of being resistant to pests.

You can also build your deck from composite decking that looks like wood but is made of a mixture of wood fibers and plastic. This type of material is more durable as it won't warp or crack, and can last longer than traditional wood.

Select and Install Your New Patio Doors

Installing a patio door where there was only a window or a wall and no window requires planning and a proper installation to make sure the design looks attractive and is also safe structurally. Talk to a window design professional who will take into consideration the existing site in your kitchen where you want to install patio doors to make sure you don't have to deal with future settling of the wall and cracking of your doors.

Most window design services will be able to take a photo of your home's wall or window and create a computerized rendering of what your newly-installed patio doors will look like. They can add the design elements of a specific patio door so you know exactly what it will look like from the interior and exterior before they begin the construction . Then, the window designer will install your specific patio doors into the wall of your kitchen to give you the access to your new deck and outdoor space.

After you have your deck and patio doors installed, you can work on making your outdoor space comfortable with a patio dining set, hot tub, or barbecue area.