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Why To Consider Installing A Gas Insert In Your Fireplace

If you have a beautiful fireplace in your home but rarely use it because it is too much trouble, then you may want to consider switching from wood to gas. If you place a gas insert in your fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire by clicking a remote control. Here's why having a gas insert installed could be a good idea.

A Gas Fireplace Is More Convenient

If the main reason you don't use your wood fireplace now is that you don't have time to gather wood and you hate tending a fire, then you'll appreciate how easy it is to operate a gas fireplace. The insert is composed of ceramic logs that look just like the real thing. It is connected to natural gas or propane and when it kicks on, flames flicker in the insert so it looks very similar to a real fire. However, you never have to hunt down wood and coax it into burning and keep it from going out. A gas insert is controlled by a thermostat. You can turn it on and off remotely and adjust the amount of heat it puts out. That makes it extremely easy to use.

You May Use The Fireplace More

One big advantage of having a fireplace that is easy to use is that you'll probably use it more often. That allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a fireplace. One benefit is the ability to use zoned heating. You can turn your thermostat down and save on heating costs by keeping the rest of your home cooler than usual. Meanwhile, the room with the fireplace will be nice and warm.

A Gas Fireplace Is Easy To Maintain

You won't have to worry about cleaning the chimney or cleaning soot out of the fireplace like you do when you burn wood. Instead, all you need to do is have the fireplace serviced once per year by a contractor to ensure it is clean and functioning properly. Since there is no soot, smoke, and burning wood to deal with, there is less odor as well.

A gas insert needs to be installed by a contractor so the work is done according to local codes. A contractor can also help you choose the best gas insert for your home taking into account the size of the room you want to heat and how well it is insulated. Gas inserts have different features to look for such as electronic ignition, wall thermostats, and battery backups. These features are not possible in a wood-burning fireplace, and they can help you enjoy your gas fire even more. To learn more, contact a company like Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center