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Common Sub Zero Refrigerator And Freezer Problems

Sub Zero refrigerators are on the front of the refrigerator and freezer market, but maintenance and emergency support is still necessary to keep your investment in top condition. Here are a few common system issues to help you understand what could be going on, and to have an idea of what a technician needs to check.

Cooling System Failure

Instead of using a single compressor system at different temperatures, Sub Zero systems use dual compressors. Each compressor has dedicated cooling duty for the refrigerator and the freezer sections respectively, so a failure in one won't mean a failure in the other.

Although this means higher power consumption--although it's more efficient than simply adding two refrigerator power costs together--it also means that a failure in one unit won't mean a totally spoiled set of groceries.

Across the two cooling systems, you have a few common failure points:

  • Condenser fan motor burnout
  • Evaporator fan motor burnout
  • Start relay lockup

Frost buildup is a concern for both fan motor issues, but a full burnout means replacing the fan. This is relatively simple to do for a certified Sub Zero repair professional, but be sure to have a technician in mind before an emergency happens. The parts can be sent in ahead of time or a fix can be in development as a technician arrives, and if you get a phone number, email address, or social media account written down now, you won't have to worry about wasting time with research.

Water Leaking Problems

Like many refrigerator brands, one sign of trouble is a leaking fridge. The refrigerator section can begin to leak water if the defrost drain is clogged or frozen, and can be fixed by using a hot water flush or carefully dislodging non-water debris with a safe pick tool.

Here are a few other issues that could lead to refrigerator section leaks:

  • Faulty water inlet valve unit
  • Water tank assembly leaks
  • Cracked water filter casing

Vacuum Condenser Failure

Sub Zero refrigerators are equipped with a vacuum condenser indicator that turns on after excessive use. The light with turn on after the compressor has been operating for 24 hours straight, which is problematic because it means that your refrigerator is working too hard to maintain proper temperature.

Sub Zero refrigerators are not only designed to provide precision cooling, but to keep that cooling locked in when not in use. Accidental temperature leaks can come from leaving the refrigerator or freezer doors open, a broken door seal, or internal issues such as a failed fan or blocked vents.

A technician will check the condenser coils, the evaporator coils, and any airflow areas that may be clogged. Contact a Sub Zero repair service, like Sub-Zero Affordable Repair , to discuss any issues with your refrigerator, or to have a technician's number on hand in case of future emergency.