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Reasons To Choose An Awning Company Over Taking A DIY Approach

A pair of awnings over the front windows of your house can augment the residence's curb appeal and even help to keep the interior cooler during the hot months of summer. You may think about buying your awnings at your local big box store and attempting to install them yourself. An alternative approach to consider is visiting an awning company, perusing the available products, and then picking some awnings out and having them professionally installed. There are a number of reasons that this is a smart choice.

Better Products

You might pay a little more for awnings from a specialty awning retailer, but the adage of "you get what you pay for" is accurate in this sense. Awnings from big box stores are often made inexpensively, which means that they may not last as long as awnings from an awning specialist. The big box version may consist of thinner fabric that is more apt to rip during high winds, discolor due to the sun, and suffer other problems. When you speak to a specialty awning sales rep, he or she can tout the many benefits of his or her product, including a high degree of craftsmanship.

Custom Options

When you shop at a big box store, you may have a few models of awnings to choose from. However, in the specialty environment, you can often have awnings custom built. This means that if your home's front windows are a non-conventional size, you don't have to use generic awnings that are obviously too large or small — and thus look awkward. At a specialty retailer, you can provide your window measurements and have awnings specifically built to suit your home. Additionally, if you want a specific style, such as domed or bullnose that may not be available from a big box store, you can get your awnings made in this manner.

A Professional Installation

Mounting awnings to your home is a job that is best left for the professional. If you were to tackle this project yourself, you'd not only need a long list of tools, but also the experience to get the job done properly so that the awnings are square with the window and flush against your house. Additionally, this work has an element of danger — the installer needs to be perched atop a ladder several feet in the air, which may not be a good idea for the average homeowner. When you hire a pro for the job, you can kick up your feet and relax while the job is executed properly.

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