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Reasons Why You Should Be Thinking About Residential Heating In Summer

Heating your home is the last thing you think about in summer. After all, it is already so hot you can barely breathe or move. Thinking about creating more heat or about furnaces only makes you feel more hot and sweaty. However, there are some very good reasons why you should be thinking about your residential heating in the middle of summer.

Fall Comes Quickly

Summer months are often quite short, unless you live in the southernmost part of the country. That said, fall comes a lot quicker than you expect, and then you will need the occasional burst of warm air from your furnace. If it is not ready to pump out heat, you may be spending a few nights under blankets until the furnace is repaired. 

Winter Comes Even Faster (for Some)

If you live in the northernmost parts of the U.S., winter comes even sooner. Michigan's Upper Peninsula often experiences their first snowfall in late September or early October when the rest of the country is still reveling in falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. It gets so cold at night in these areas that a working furnace is vital to survival. That is even more true if you live in Alaska. If you want to be absolutely prepared, make sure an HVAC technician checks your furnace and makes sure it is clean and running effectively before summer vanishes into winter.

Late Fall and Early Winter Are Booked with Emergency Appointments

Everyone else who was trying to avoid thinking about heat in summer ends up calling for emergency HVAC services in the late fall and early winter. That means that several people with emergency situations may have to wait longer for a technician to arrive. If you take care of a potential problem in advance (i.e., summer instead of late in the year), you will not be one of the people with an emergency who has to wait.

Mid-July Is the Dead Zone

After the initial onslaught of cooling emergencies and air conditioning installations, most HVAC contractors have a lull in mid-summer. If you plan ahead, you can schedule a maintenance appointment for your furnace during this time. Even if the technicians are not available because of vacations, you know that you will be at the top of their list when they return. Because you are not experiencing a seasonal emergency, you can also relax with regards to the waiting time for an appointment.