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3 Tips For Designing A Beautiful Old World Kitchen

Old world kitchens are one type of style in traditional design. Such a kitchen offers a warm and inviting ambience because it channels bygone eras. Naturally, old world kitchens are common in older homes. However, you can infuse your new kitchen with old world charm by layering key elements of the style.

Highlight Architecture

Old world kitchens often started with a classical foundation in architecture, featuring beamed ceilings and arches. You can have trim added to your ceiling for a beamed or even coffered effect. If your ceilings aren't high, though, consider a light or even white finish for the beams because light colors recede.

If your architecture doesn't already have arches, consider adding them with installations such as a range hood. You could have your windows topped with semi-circular transom panes or just fake the look with tall window dressings. Even adding oversized-circular décor, such as plates or trays, offers the classical appeal of arches.

Choose Granite Countertops

Natural materials are traditional for old world kitchens. Granite, of course, is a natural stone and is ideal for your countertops. When choosing granite for your old world style, stay away from any of the exotic colors such as blue, green, or red. Instead, opt for classic shades of brown, beige, and taupe. Darker colors work well, too. However, if your cabinetry is dark, consider lightening up the kitchen with lighter granite.

High gloss finishes work fine for your traditional kitchen. Eased edges are common, but consider one of the fancier edges. Bullnose and beveled edges are on the simpler side, while triple waterfall, DuPont, and ogee edging is quite elaborate. If your cabinetry features elaborate details, such as capitals and pediments, consider one of the elaborate edges to match.

Consider Distressed Finishes

A hallmark of old world design is the timeworn appearance. If your kitchen is new, though, you'll need to fake it with distressed finishes to the woodwork. Better Homes and Gardens describes a kitchen with antiqued cabinet panels, meaning the depressions are darkened to simulate a timeworn patina. You may even choose to have corners sanded away artfully to simulate long years of use.

In that vein, the metals can also be distressed. Choose a matte finish to your appliances, and look for burnished finishes for other metal items. For instance, copper is popular for old world kitchens. Stay away from gleaming copper and choose instead items already featuring a generational patina.

Make your kitchen feel homey and inviting by adding elements of old world style to the design. For more information, contact a business like Artisan Granite & Marble.