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How To Control Weeds Around Your Entire Yard

There's nothing more beautiful than a perfectly manicured, luscious green yard with gorgeous flower beds and blooming flowers and greenery throughout it. Sounds beautiful, but then suddenly there's a handful of pesky weeds that multiply like crazy and, if not taken care of, can take over your entire yard ruining all that beauty. Get rid of the weeds and prevent them from returning by following the tips below.

Weeds In The Lawn

If you have weeds throughout your yard, try to refrain from spraying each individual weed with weed killer, or you'll have a polka-dotted yard. Pulling each and every weed by hand is not exactly ideal either. You'll make yourself crazy and end up with a bad back. Instead, use a weed and feed type of fertilizer on your yard. The weeds will be affected, but not the grass. You'll need to read through the manufacturer's directions for application and time of year to do this. You may also need to do this more than once on your yard. Remember to keep your grass watered to keep the grass growing and to prevent the weeds from coming back. Keep your lawn mowed and trimmed as well when needed. 

Weeds In The Garden

Weeds in your garden and flower beds are probably a lot more noticeable than in your yard, especially if you have a lot of space between plants and flowers. Be sure to use a weed barrier such as newspaper, plastic or fabric lining. If you don't have anything like this in place, remove any rock or mulch, then lay down the weed barrier, cutting holes for the plants you have in place. Cover every area where you don't have plants with the weed barrier, then cover the barrier with your mulch or rock. Prevent any weeds from growing in your mulch by using a granular weed preventer such as Preen. It protects your plants and helps prevent weeds from growing. Read the manufacturer's directions on the package for application instructions.

If you have weeds in your vegetable garden and aren't comfortable using a fertilizer or any type of chemical substances near the food you are growing, try to use something more natural such as corn meal or baking soda. In an area such as this, it's important to keep the soil tilled and to pull the weeds out that you see before they get too big and take over your plants.

Weeds can take over your yard pretty quickly if not taken care of. If you have a big weed problem in your lawn, contact a professional weed control company for help to get your beautiful lawn back.Check out sites like for more information.