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How To Tell If You Have Mice In Your Home

Suspecting you have mice is no fun. Whether it's because you're hearing sounds in the dark or because you think you've found some rodent droppings, you need to know if you have an infestation or not. By knowing what to look for, you'll be able to determine if you have the presence of mice in your home.

Rodent Droppings

Rodent droppings are very small and dark. Mouse droppings are the shape of very small grains of rice. These droppings are usually found on counters by food sources. You could also find signs of droppings under your sinks and in your cabinets. You should always look around the area where you find rodent droppings. Rodent droppings signal that your mice have been eating or nesting nearby.

Your Pets Know

If your pet is acting out of the ordinary, they may know something you don't. If your pet is suddenly pawing at the walls and acting excited, you may have an active infestation on the other side. Pets have senses of smell and hearing that are stronger than ours, and your pet may be trying to point something out to you.

Screeching At Night

If you're hearing high pitch little screeches at night, that's a very bad sign. Normally these little screeches and squeaks are the sounds of baby mice. Once the mice have started to reproduce, you're in big trouble as far as controlling them is concerned.


One of the telltale signs you have mice is finding gnaw marks. Look for these gnaw marks on food packaging like cardboard boxes or plastic bags of food. These gnaw marks will also appear on areas of your home where the mouse was trying to whittle down its teeth or trying to access a space. Gnaw marks around your home may appear on cabinets, molding, or places near a nest site.  If the gnawing gets bad enough, the little teeth marks can turn into gaping holes to allow the mice to access resources.

What To Do Now You Know You Have Mice

Now, if you're fairly certain you have mice in your home, you should probably get a rodent exterminator. An exterminator would be the most effective solution for getting rid of your mouse problem. An exterminator is an expert in mouse behavior and will be able to determine how the mice are accessing your home. The exterminator will seal up those access points and then remove the mice from your home.