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Use Colorful Shell Pieces To Enhance A Wooden-Framed Mirror With A Mosaic Border

If you recently purchased towels and bath mats that have a seashell pattern printed on them and would like enhance a plain wooden-framed mirror in your bathroom to complement the items, use colorful shell pieces to create a mosaic border around the mirror by completing the steps below. 


  • wood cleaning agent
  • non-abrasive sponge
  • emery cloth
  • tack cloth
  • seashells
  • bowl of warm water
  • scrub brush
  • plastic bag that seals
  • hammer
  • all purpose adhesive
  • narrow paintbrush
  • tube of premixed sand grout
  • caulk gun
  • foam brush
  • clear sealant
  • mixing stick
  • standard paintbrush

Clean And Lightly Sand The Frame, Prepare Shell Pieces

After applying a wood cleaning agent to the mirror's frame, use a non-abrasive sponge to wipe the product across the wooden surface. Use an emery cloth to lightly sand uneven surfaces. Move the sandpaper side of the cloth back and forth over the wood while applying moderate pressure to the backside of the cloth. Move a tack cloth across the frame's surface to eliminate dust from the wood.

Choose a variety of seashells from your shell collection that are colorful for your coastal decor. Soak the shells in a bowl of warm water to loosen sand that is stuck to them. Use a handheld scrub brush to remove hardened residue from each of the shells. Place clean, dry shells in a plastic bag that seals. Set the bag on a sturdy surface and break the shells into smaller pieces by striking the bag several times with a small hammer. 

Apply Shell Pieces And Fill Gaps With Sand Grout

Use a narrow paintbrush to apply a thin, even amount of an all purpose adhesive to the backside of one of the shell pieces. Press the shell piece firmly against one corner of the wooden frame. Continue applying adhesive to the remaining shell pieces and securing the shells to the wood. Place an even amount of space between the shell pieces.

Insert a tube of premixed sand grout in a caulk gun. Aim the caulk gun's tip between two of the shell pieces and squeeze the caulk gun's trigger to release grout. Move the tip of the gun along the gaps that are between the shell pieces. Fill all of the gaps evenly with grout. If too much grout is applied to any of the gaps, move a foam brush over the grout to smooth it out. 

Add A Coat Or Two Of Sealant

Open a can of clear sealant. Use a mixing stick to stir the sealant until it is blended. Use a clean paintbrush to apply one or two coats of sealant over the mirror's surface. The sealant will take several hours to dry.