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Four Step Guide To Replacing A Broken Pane Of Glass In Your Home's Old Wooden Window

If you have a broken pane of glass in one of your home's windows, you may wonder how to go about removing it and replacing it with a fresh piece of glass. If so, use the following four-step guide to replacing a broken glass pane in one of your home's old wooden windows.

Step 1: Remove the Broken Pieces of Glass

The first thing you need to do before replacing the glass is to remove all of the remaining broken pieces. To do this, you will need a heavy pair of gloves, a pair of tongs, and a putty knife.

Remove any big, loose pieces with your gloved hand. However, only remove them if the glass comes out easily with gentle tugging. Trying to pull too hard on the glass shard could make you hit another sharp edge, risking a bad cut on your hand or arm.

For more stubborn pieces, wrap a piece of cloth around the ends of the tongs to give them traction, then try to pull the glass out. If it still will not budge, use the putty knife at the base of the window to pry the glass free. Once all of the glass has been removed, go on to the next step.

Step 2: Scrape off the Window Glazing Residue

Now that the glass has been taken out, you will need your putty knife to scrape off any residual window glazing on and around the inside of the window frame. Doing this creates a clean, smooth surface on which to put the glass and new glazing.

If you skip this step, clumps of the old glazing may make it impossible to position the window flush with the frame. The added pressure of the clump could cause stress on a section of the new glass, making it more vulnerable to breakage.

After you have scraped away all of the old glazing, go on to the next step.

Step 3: Position the Glass in the Opening

Once the prep work has been completed, it is time to position the new glass into the opening. To obtain the size, measure the length and width of the frame's interior.

Then, have a home and garden center that sells replacement glass cut it for you. Doing it yourself poses the risks of cutting you or breaking the glass if you do not know how to do it properly.

Once you have your glass, place it into the frame so that it is flush with the back. There should be a slight gap between the frame and glass to allow space for the glazing in the next section. Then, go on to the next step.

Step 4: Glaze the Edges of the Glass to the Frame

With your glass in place, it is time to anchor it to the frame using window glazing. The glazing comes in a tube that can be used in a caulking gun. You can find the glazing in the same department where you purchased your replacement glass.

After loading the tube, use the caulking gun to fill in the gap between the window and frame. Make sure to overfill the corners slightly to ensure you have full coverage. Then, go around the edges of the glass, adding a second layer of glazing.

Following the above guide should help you replace single broken panes of glass in your home's windows. However, if you find that the glass and frames of the windows are starting to deteriorate and chip away, you may want to look into having all of your windows replaced with ones made from newer, longer-lasting materials.

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