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3 Benefits Of Switching To An Adjustable Height Desk

If you feel like your office culture is stagnate, the reason may be the way that your office is set up. If everyone in your office is forced to sit in office chairs all day, they may not be getting the movement that they need in their day to be active and productive. Here are three benefits of switching to an adjustable height desk that allows your employees to choose if they want to sit or stand while they are working.

#1 Adjustable Heights Desk Increase Movement

Sitting at a desk all day is not good for your health, and neither is standing in the same position all day. Adjustable height desks offer the best of both worlds, as they allow you to sit for periods of time throughout the day and they also allow you to stand up and move around in place while doing your work as well. This is a great compromise and allows your body to get some rest and get some movement in all at the same time.

They also allow you to use creative sitting options, like sitting on a large exercise ball, that allow you to build your core while adjusting your desk to the right height to allow for this combination of sitting and movement at the same time.

An adjustable height desk allows you to move your body how you need to move your body and work in different positions depending upon your specific needs at that moment.

#2 Adjustable Height Desks Accommodate Different Tasks

Some tasks are best performed when sitting, and other tasks benefits from movement. When you need to do things that require fine motor skills, such as writing out a memo or drafting a proposal, you may find that you are more productive when you sit down. Sitting down can help you focus and achieve focused tasks that require lots of fine motor skills.

On the other hand, doing routine tasks, such as going through all of your emails, paying the bills or holding a video conference with your colleagues in another location, can all be done while standing up.

Adjustable height desks allow you to adjust your height of your desk to fit the tasks that you are doing. Some tasks require more concentration and sitting, whereas other tasks are more pleasant while standing up.

#3 Adjustable Height Desks Benefit Your Health

Adjustable height desks can also offer a variety of health benefits. To start with, using an adjustable height desk will give you more opportunities to move throughout the day. More movement and less sitting throughout the day can help you burn more calories each day, which can help reduce your weight or keep it under control better. Getting to stand and move could also help keep your blood sugar levels more in control, and prevent spikes after meal times. It is also good for your heart to move more throughout the day.

Movement throughout the day can also reduce back and shoulder pain that develop from sitting all day.

Additionally, getting to adjust the height of your desk to allow for movement throughout the day can also improve your mood and energy levels, which will then also improve your work satisfaction and productivity.

Adjustable height desks can improve your health and productivity at work and improve your overall work quality of life. 

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