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Five Potential Causes Of Bedbug Re-Infestations In The Home

Two homes, seemingly equal in all ways, may have unique experiences when managing a bedbug problem. Some families seem to endure repeated arrivals of the small pests despite following all of their exterminator's instructions. This usually has nothing to do with proper housekeeping or the quality of the extermination service. Somehow the insects continue to be introduced back into the home. Here are five ways this may occur. 

Inspect the Lawn

Many families remove their mattresses and other infested furnishings and throw them in the yard before they are taken to a landfill. This period of time allows the bugs to crawl into the grass. Even though bedbugs appear to favor human hosts, they will feed on any living creature if necessary. People and pets walking through the yard can easily pick up a hitchhiker and bring it back into the home. 

Check the Shed

People may neglect to have their sheds or garages inspected during a bed bug infestation. It is possible they rode in on human clothing or shoes or other belongings. Eventually, they will creep back into the home and begin their routine again. 

Consider Other Storage

Another culprit could be seasonal belongings stored at an external facility. If furnishings, clothing or decorations were moved before the bedbugs were identified the items may have contained some of the pests. It is even possible that this area might have been the source of the original infestation. Bringing stored items home or just being in the storage unit for a period of time is enough to transfer some of the bed bugs back to the house. 

Check Daily Routine

Bedbugs also live in schools and workplaces. Consider these as potential causes of new infestations if there is no other explanation. For example, if no new merchandise was brought into the home and no vacations or overnight hotel stays occurred. Talk to the school staff or ask coworkers to see if others are experiencing the same problem. 

In the Vehicle

Bedbugs transfer easily to vehicles through infested suitcases and on the clothing of passengers. It is very simple for them to survive in a place with so many hiding spots and multiple potential feeding sources each day. 

Bedbugs are survivalists like many other insects. They often withstand extreme temperatures and live without food sources for a period of time. Have an exterminator inspect all storage areas, vehicles and yards when they arrive to determine if one of these places is the cause of the reinfestation. If the problem is not apparent it will become necessary to document everywhere the family members shop, visit and stay. Try to match these logs with future infestations to determine the origin of the problem. 

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